Mud 'n Suds Pottery, Soap and Rustic Designs

  Handmade Montana Handcrafted Pottery Soap & Rustic Designs

Who We Are

Mud 'n Suds Pottery, Soap and Rustic Designs was born in a small farm workshop just outside of Helena, Montana. Living in Montana, everywhere I turn I'd find rustic inspiration for my work.  I started working with handmade soap and quickly expanded into pottery.  My husband joined in and occasionally dives into making wood and metalwork creations. We just have a love for the rustic look of pioneer life and you'll see these things come out in many of our creations.

A special thanks to my mom for introducing me to ceramics as a young 'un and to both of my parents for their encouragement through years as I started this venture.  Your excitement as you also learn pottery fuels me.  Another heartfelt thanks to Pat and Ed Siler of Back Creek Pottery (and my awesome in-laws) for their continued support and mentorship.  And most of all, my husband, Kelly for being so supportive in all that I wanted to do from starting this business to how to run it.  He's willingly allowed me to try things and succeed (or fail at times), but stands by me regardless.  He also is pretty darn good at helping me set up at shows.  After working a full-time job during the week, I truly appreciate all that he does.  I hope to someday be able to repay the favor. 

Please take some time to look around our page and feel free to contact us.  We strive to make sure every customer is 100% satisfied, so please have a look and try us out!