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Glaze Patterns

Glazes are a funny thing.  Keep in mind that the colors can vary slightly from the images below and can vary from the darkest parts of the glazes to the brightest most colorful parts of the glazes.  That's the beauty of handmade pottery.

River Canyon

After living in Montana for a few years, my family and I visited Gates of the Mountains.  The boat lead us down the Missouri River and through a winding canyon with towering walls on either side of the river.  We saw a lot of beauty and wildlife to include screeching hawks, rugged big horned sheep, and soaring eagles.   It was a tour to remember and the inspiration behind this glaze pattern with the red representing the canyon walls and the crystal blue water roaming around the piece.  Truly as striking as the beauty we discovered that day.  That's Montana.

Night on the Lake

There are many well-known lakes in Montana (as well as a few hidden surprises) and we've been to several of them: Canyon Ferry Lake, Hauser Lake, Kaiser Lake, Stewart Lake, and Flathead Lake.  What do we do there?  Well we kayak and fish, but mostly I love to just be.  I get caught up in the stillness and the slow pace of nature.  The fresh air, the sounds of the water lapping up on the shore line.  The call from a family member, "fish on!" and the excitement of watching them reel it in.  There's nothing quite like the peacefulness you'll find on a Montana lake.  This glaze pattern captures the moon's reflection on the still lake waters. 

Montana Winter

Before we lived in Montana, we lived in the south and never experienced a true northern winter.  It's cold.  But all it takes is a glimpse outside to look at the horizon.  It is a stunning sight to see the snow glistening and the crisp blue skies.  It draws you to venture outside and experience the Montana winter. I hope you enjoy this little piece of Montana Winter.   Not available for wholesale orders.

Missouri River

My first fishing trip in Montana was out on the Missouri River.  We borrowed a drift boat from a friend and drifted down the river and attempted to fly fish for the first time.  I wasn't very successful with catching fish, but I did catch some inspiration.  The colors of the "Mighty Mo" range from dark greens and blues to browns and hints of gold.  I love the way this glaze is layered and the unexpected results each time I fire.  I especially love the differences this glaze offers on a vertical versus a horizontal surface. 


Montana is known as "Big Sky Country" for a reason.  We have a lot of it and there are many, many places to experience the vast expanse of it without interference from man-made structures.  There wasn't much more I needed to capture this simple, yet beautiful glaze pattern. 

Rustic Montana

This glaze was created based upon my first impressions of Montana after living here.  There is a ruggedness one has to have to live outside the city.  The red represents this rugged mountain terrain.  During our hiking trips we encounter much unpredictable forest and mountain terrain represented here by the greens and browns in the upper part of the glaze.  These, combined together, are what sums up my experiences in the Montana outdoors:  rugged and unpredictable, yet exciting to see what's next or around the next corner.   

Great Divide

On our way from Helena to Craig we drive through a canyon we are calling Wolf Creek Canyon which is near a town called Wolf Creek.  There are towering mountains on one side and grassy plains on the other.   Great Divide was inspired from these overlooks with the ruggedness of the Montana mountains to the beautiful plains around you.  The rock faces tower the roadway on either side just like in these glazes.  This is one of my most favorite drives in all of Montana as it shows the toughness, but also the beauty, of this state and the people in it.  The gold in this glaze can be light like shown or darker gold l.  Please keep that in mind when selecting.