Mud 'n Suds Pottery, Soap and Rustic Designs

  Handmade Montana Pottery, Handcrafted Soap & Rustic Designs

Mud 'n Suds Soap Ingredients

Tallow Oil

Tallow is an oil that has been used in soap making for hundreds of years and creates a far superior soap to an all vegetable bar.  Soap made with tallow creates a bar that is conditioning to the skin with a lovely, creamy lather.  Most importantly, this bar will be hard and long-lasting compared to an all vegetable bar.  

Sunflower Oil

Sunflower Oil has a high amount of essential fatty acids and Vitamin E.  This particular oil produces a lather that is incredibly conditioning to the skin. 

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is a super cleansing addition that produces big, copious bubbles.

Castor Oil

This thick and viscous liquid is extracted from the Castor Bean Plant and has a slight but distinctive smell. It behaves like a  humectant, meaning it draws moisture from the air onto the skin. It provides a stable, lush lather,  used to contribute to the thick and large bubbles in our soap bars.

Goat Milk (*All Natural Bars)

From the Livestrong website:  "The lactic acid in goat’s milk helps to break down skin cells, aiding the natural process through which we continually shed old cells as new ones are formed. Goat’s milk is also rich in vitamins and nutrients important to healthy skin, including zinc, alpha hydroxy acid and amino acid, as well as vitamins A, B, C and E. The pH balance of the fatty acids found in goat’s milk is very similar to the pH levels found in the human body, making it easy for these beneficial nutrients and moisturizers to be absorbed into the skin. If you use goat’s milk soap on a regular basis, you will likely find that your skin requires less moisturizer. For those desiring a more natural lifestyle and products, what is lacking in goat’s milk soap is just as important as what is in it. Pure goat’s milk soap does not contain detergents, alcohol, dyes or petroleum products."  []


Mud 'n Suds uses only all natural colorants (such wheatgrass powder, annatto seeds, cocoa powder) in the 'all natural and goat milk bars, or pigments that are generally accepted as 'all natural' because they are 'nature-like.'  Pigments that are naturally occurring in nature also includes many toxic or unhealthy 'extras.'  The mineral pigments I use are created in a lab to be an exact replica of the natural alternative, but without those unhealthy additions. 

Essential and Fragrance Oils
In our all natural bars, we use only top quality essential oils for our soaps.  The oils are chosen for their pleasing scent, but also for their individual benefits for the user.

Our Artisanal bars may use fragrance and/or essential oils.  These oils are chosen specifically to convey a specific scent stemming from some inspiration for its creation.  All of the fragrance oils used are phthalates free, sulfate free, dye free, and paraben free.